Rent or Buy new

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Here we have two primary options for getting our hands on this book. You can rent it for for a few months for $18.90, or you can own it outright for $21.39. Two different service offerings: renting and retailing. Both result in the good, the book, being in your hands the very same day, through the same supply chain, therefore the experience will the same. The outcomes are different. One option will make you a renter, and the other an owner.

Which one should one opt for, well that depends on your outlook, and how you feel about the book before purchasing it. I believe Amazon will give you the option of owning the book for an additional payment. Or as it once happened with me for this book, when you don’t return the book on time, you default to becoming its owner. Amazon will charge you the difference.


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TL;DR I can audit the design of a service to prevent or predict systemic failure, using a proprietary method called 16F I make intractable problems, tractable by reframing them. I then design solutions that won't create problems elsewhere, now or in the future. The solutions are in the form of services. I focus on system-level structures that give meaning and purpose to the design of lower-level constructs such as processes, interfaces, and interactions. I've spent the last 10 years obsessed with the questions: What are services? Why do they fail? Why do they exist? I'm now writing a book. Design is my dogma. Curiosity is my doctrine. Industrial engineering is my discipline. @mxiqbal

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