Services exist,
Because people own things.
Some things they own; some others they don’t.
Some people own things because others, they won’t.
Things that are useful and valuable.
From tractors, towers, and transmission lines,
To privacy, privilege and peace of mind.

When things they really care about,
Have affinity and attraction, and there is no doubt,
There are economies in sharing and caring,
To promote the dynamic pairing,
Of supply and demand.
Thus human and machine overlords,
Make agreements of all sorts.

What they do is formalize,
How performances and affordances will actualize,
For outcomes and experiences to materialize.
So when users and agents they do engage,
Across field, channel, platform or stage,
There aren’t painful protractions, in
Their dialog and interactions.

Design thus seeks to minimize,
Transaction costs that could jeopardize,
The value each side expects to realize.
For profit’s sake or public good,
What’s clear and well-understood,
The payments made (in cash or in kind), are for
The welfare and wellbeing of humankind.

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