O Service Why Art Thou?

Because people own things.
Some things they own, some others they don’t.
Some people own things other people won’t.
Thus the economy of sharing,
The melodramatic pairing, of
Supply and demand.

Their need to have and their need to be,
Makes things have affinity and attraction,
For things that bring action and traction,
Performance in spades, affordances in degrees.
Or, why their human-machine overlords,
Sign service agreements of all sorts.

How performance and affordance will actualize,
For outcome and experience to materialize.
And the design will seek to minimize,
Tedious transactions that jeopardize,
Costs and risks that compromise,
Value each side will realize.

So when users and agents they do engage,
Touchpoint, channel, platform or stage,
There won’t be painful protraction,
In their dialog and interaction,
Save some minor infraction,
Utmost satisfaction.

For profit’s sake or public good,
It should be clear, well-understood,
But lest there be any doubt,
What services are really about:
When they’re well-designed, the
Welfare and well-being of humankind.

Filed under: philosophy, theory


TL;DR I can audit the design of a service to prevent or predict systemic failure, using a proprietary method called 16F I make intractable problems, tractable by reframing them. I then design solutions that won't create problems elsewhere, now or in the future. The solutions are in the form of services. I focus on system-level structures that give meaning and purpose to the design of lower-level constructs such as processes, interfaces, and interactions. I've spent the last 10 years obsessed with the questions: What are services? Why do they fail? Why do they exist? I'm now writing a book. Design is my dogma. Curiosity is my doctrine. Industrial engineering is my discipline. @mxiqbal

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