We are a small community of professionals, in industry and government. In the United States, Sweden and the Netherlands, at the moment. We’re trained to use a system and method for service design that allows us take on hard problems the solutions for which could be in the form of services.  

We are all about giving people the confidence to pursue bigger and bolder ideas in the form of services. In design they should be able to place their trust. That’s why we seek to go beyond superficial layers of design, to fully explore the structures and behaviors of services. 

What we do is hard (and we’re learning as we go), but if to you it sounds like fun, then we need you more than you can imagine. We just don’t know it yet. So let us know. 

If you are from RVO.NL, the Dutch Ministry of Defense, TU/Delft, or Insperio, you can directly sign-up for the Designcoders group on Slack using your work email address. Others, please send us a note, and we’d be happy to manually add you to the group.