My work

Policy, strategy, and design. I believe it is important to do difficult work you also enjoy. If happy cows can produce more nutritious milk, then happy consultants can produce more impact. Below are a few examples of the kind of work they gave me grass for. I’ve enjoyed every one of these assignments. Ask me anything.

#Converting a procurement process ($300+ million per year) into a consumer finance service; the Kanban-style design, using queues, cards, and checklists, increasing flexibility, autonomy, and control, while reducing administrative and planning burdens [Aerospace & Defense company].

#Conceptualizing how government data sets can form the basis of a stock market for open data; designed mock-ups of message formats, policies, protocols to show how data sets get listed and traded as data stocks [Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate].

#Facilitating discussions on digital workspace offered as a service to civil servants across the Dutch government; employing the 16x method to reach consensus across six ministries, in a record time of four days [Ministry of Internal Affairs & Kingdom Relations].

#Envisioning how to close the gap between present realities and futures based on widespread use of cloud computing; wrote design fiction about a smart box that reconfigures itself with changes in IT budgets and application workloads [Aerospace & Defense company].

#Drafting arguments for why a $4 billion warranty & repair services business should invest in physical touchpoints and interactions; analogical reasoning to develop concepts of primary care technicians, electronic help records, and help plans [Silicon Valley icon].

#Designing organizational structures for a shared services unit supporting several lines of business; conducted design workshops for hands-on participation by senior executives belonging to two different cultures across the pond [Swedish construction and engineering firm].

#Generating new options for a mobile platform failing to gain traction; developed a new use case based on continuous care, electronic health records, and social networks, using the 16x method to consolidate new ideas and concepts [Healthcare giant].

#Developing a plan to prevent the collapse in user adoption of a mission critical system; applied systems thinking to find feedback loops and develop a set of counter-intuitive policy actions, as recommendations to the USACE Deputy Commanding General [US Department of Defense].

Some consulting projects include workshops during which I quickly train the team on a specific tool or method we might be using. From time to time, I also offer standalone training with participants from the same or several different organizations. With my book Thinking in Services now out, I will be conducting training workshops, including those open to the general public.