Majid Iqbal

I help government and commercial enterprises on executing their policies and strategies through a purpose-driven portfolio of services. I am presently an advisor at RVO.NL, within the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. I’m a co-founder of a special unit call XLAB that is developing new ways of applying systems thinking and design to the toughest problems in government. The goal is to prepare for more challenging futures, by putting in the hands of civil servants today, highly advanced methods, so they have time to practice, and they don’t have to wait for industry best practice updates.I have a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and a master’s degree in information systems management.

In general, my occupation is to make intractable problems, tractable, often by reframing them imaginatively. Then, my focus is to design solutions that won’t create problems elsewhere, now or in the future. The solutions often take the form of services. I focus on the system-level structures of a service that give meaning and purpose to lower-level design.

I have obsessed for last 10 years over the following questions: What are services? Why do they fail? Why do they exist? I began this inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University, where I taught for six years, before becoming a management consultant at Gartner and PwC.

I’ve applied this thinking within the problem spaces and portfolios of major government agencies and large commercial enterprises, such as Boeing, Lowe’s, UnitedHealthcare, the US Department of Defense, and most notably the Dutch government. Each instance made the thinking a bit simpler and more sophisticated, evolving into a design framework that we now call 16x.