Majid Iqbal

“I design thinking.”

I help organizations develop policy and strategy and implement them through the designs of services. They hire me to work on pesky problems, or those of unusual size and shape. They do so aware of safer options because I bring a new way of thinking, that is sophisticated in solving problems without creating new ones elsewhere, including in the future.

That’s why I am a special advisor at the Netherlands Ministry of Defense. My job there is to establish an in-house capability in strategic design of services. I am part of a team called xD/Saga that develops new thinking and generates options, for policymakers confronted with difficult problems and sensitive matters. I helped create and establish a similar unit at RVO.NL, an agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate.

Where Majid stands out is that he comes up with fresh unexpected solutions for complex problems … creating thinking tools that enable you to understand and build on the problems and solutions yourself. ~ Stephan Jenniskens, RVO.NL

I have the privilege to work on exciting challenges, like the one where I am leading the strategic design of an entire ecosystem of services, that will promote the development of novel digital endpoints to accelerate clinical trials without risk. It is exciting, especially because of the people involved! We are using the new thinking and tooling for designing services, that I have developed over the last 10 years.

My goal is equip brilliant minds with thinking and tooling so they can pursue bigger and bolder ideas in the form of systems and services. In 2018, I wrote Thinking in Services, a book that exposes the hidden structures and dynamics that help understand some services fail while others succeed. The book introduces a framework called 16x.

I also teach. I teach courses on the strategic design that have been attracting professionals from several functions and disciplines, not just designers and strategists. I teach in a graduate program of the School of Human Sciences and Technology, at IE University, Madrid. Occasionally, I give talks and guest lectures, at conferences, private events, and universities.

My teaching career began at Carnegie Mellon University where I developed and taught the very first course across campus covering strategy and organization for services. During this time, in 2007, I also co-authored the Service Strategy volume of a UK Government’s framework on IT service management, called ITIL.

In 2010, I made a surprising discovery about the designs of services. In 2012, the Dutch government became the first user, followed by Lowe’s, Boeing, UnitedHealthcare, and the US Department of Defense. Thus evolved a new system and method, putting a new kind of power in the hands of product managers, policy makers, and strategists.

Prior to that I have worked in product management, sales, organization development, research, and consulting, at Carnegie Mellon, PwC, Gartner, PSI-Bull, and HCL-HP. I have lived and worked in the United States, Europe, and India. I have a university degrees in information systems and industrial engineering. I get joy from graphic design. My curiosity and imagination also plays in kitchens and cuisines.