Author: Majid Iqbal

I design thinking.

This is like that

A battery stores energy. So do fat molecules, flywheels and springs. They belong to the storing-energy pattern. Air mattresses are deflatable foldable sleeping surfaces, comfortable enough in contingencies, such as during a visit by family or friends, or during a road trip. AquaBells are fitness weights you can pack for exercise travel. You fill them […]

The thinking in services: a podcast

Earlier this summer, I was the guest on a podcast by Gerry Scullion, a designer with experience across the continents, and Director of Humana Design a human-centered service design practice in Dublin, Ireland. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Gerry and I discussed commonly asked questions, such as “What is […]

A reading list

A shit post I recently made led to a lively Twitter thread that got into origins of service design and inadvertently brought to light how broad the meaning and scope of #servicedesign actually is, and how far back it actually goes beyond Europe and the United States. A few hours later, we were jokingly one-upping […]

Windows of opportunity

It was a November afternoon. I was leaving Las Vegas after teaching a class on designing services. After a last-minute meeting and lunch I arrive at the airport just in time for my flight. Without bags to check in, I get through the security checkpoint and head straight for gate D54. That’s when I notice […]

Total cost of utilization

The total cost of utilization (TCU) is the idea that customers pay over and above the price of the service.  To make use of the service, they may incur other expenses or suffer hidden fees and penalties. Or, they pay in terms of the additional time and effort for enrolling or signing up for the […]

The design of options

The business of selling premium options can be tricky. The basic premise is that the buyer of those options is afforded special treatment, mostly having to do with improving the quality of their outcomes and experiences. It works because societies and its members are risk averse, as Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky have illustrated with […]

The meaning of services

To understand something is not to be able to define it or describe it. Instead, taking something that we think we already know and making it unknown thrills us afresh with its reality and deepens our understanding of it. ~ Kenya Hara This applies to the notion of ‘service’ – a widely used word that […]