Category: analogies

Public transit for packages

  Every now and then I’m confronted with a choice. Should I order something on or drive 20 minutes to a local store and purchase the item there. I’ve been a card-carrying member of Amazon Prime since the year it was launched. Most items are delivered to me “free of charge” (i.e. no additional […]

Services are equations

Customers and service providers are equated in terms of the outcomes and experiences. Each sides puts in time, money and effort. Feelings and emotions perhaps. Tangibles and intangibles. Experiences are part of what each side puts in. Outcomes are what they get. Customers receive a payoff usually in terms of the results and benefits of […]

Analogical reasoning as applied to services 

The base value system is a simple technique I’ve developed to be able to strip away all the words describing a service and get to the essence of it in verb-noun pairs. Apart from forcing a certain level of clarity, base values are also the basis for applying analogical reasoning to services as part of […]

Strong and flexible structures

Strong flexible structures rarely fail. Bridges have symmetrical structures subject to dynamic loads as traffic flows across them. By studying how structures behave under dynamic loading, engineers improve their design, making them strong and flexible. Innovation is driven by type of traffic flowing across the bridge and the underlying terrain Yet, at an abstract level, […]