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Run Majid Run

The commonly observed phenomenon of someone hurrying across a train station, lugging their luggage, and boarding the train just as the doors close, is an example of demand engaging supply. The luggage and their out-of-breath physical selves are the artifacts and events, with the need to have (a seat) and the need to be (transported). […]

Rent or Buy new

Here we have two primary options for getting our hands on this book. You can rent it for for a few months for $18.90, or you can own it outright for $21.39. Two different service offerings: renting and retailing. Both result in the good, the book, being in your hands the very same day, through […]

Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain exists because organizations need the paper documents and records to be archived and stored without taking up too much effort or expensive space. Iron Mountain deploys staff in a fleet of trucks to collect documents from office locations, and systematically store them at offsite locations from where they can be brought back as […]

Transparency and trust

There is another key factor, and that is the trust that’s implicit in the question “I know you can do this for me, but can you get it done?”. This is important because customers suffer the consequences of a job nearly done or poorly done. There are two aspects of trust. One is simply dependability, […]