Category: logic

Birds, bees, and services

You can know the name of a bird in all the languages of the world, but when you’re finished, you’ll know absolutely nothing whatever about the bird … So let’s look at the bird and see what it’s doing — that’s what counts. I learned very early the difference between knowing the name of something […]

Services are equations

Service are equations. Customers and service providers are equated in terms of the outcomes and experiences. Each sides puts in time, money and effort. Feelings and emotions perhaps. Tangibles and intangibles. Experiences are part of what each side puts in. Outcomes are what they get. Customers receive a payoff usually in terms of the results […]

Actual and potential

A lamp has the potential to illuminate something. What kind of thing it can illuminate depends on what kind of beam it actually projects. The lamp could be bedside, inside a digital projector, in the headlights of a car, or the flash of a camera. Potential becomes actual when the lamp produces a beam of […]