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Small disturbances

The need to deliver superior sets of outcomes and experiences is constant over the lifecycle of a service offering. Services need to get a job done better than not just competitors but also customers because their ability to do-it-yourself (DIY) is always an option. Indeed, new solutions in the market create competition when they make […]


In manufacturing, simplification, standardization, and reuse have made possible very sophisticated systems from relatively simple parts, as it’s that much easier to specify the design of components and subassemblies. The more widely used a type of component is, the greater the chances for standardization in its design, specification, production, and use. Metal fasteners based on […]

Error and exception

Services are dynamic by nature. Things come together to make good things happen. As and when they do, they may throw errors and exceptions. Good design must account for such possibilities, and that means some dialog and interaction will be necessary between users and agents. This is the part that often creates stress and strain […]