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Book abstract; feedback welcome

(Below is the abstract of the book I’m writing, titled “Thinking in Services”, to be published in June 2018 by BIS Publishers, Amsterdam. Please let me know what you think). Services are part of the daily life of individuals and organizations. A day without paying for or providing them is inconceivable. They come in all […]

Say something

For selfish and unselfish reasons, close the loop. It is critically important to give service providers feedback on the quality of their service, even if it’s awkward and inconvenient, and especially when they don’t ask. Why? Every piece of feedback is like pixel being updated. The service provider gets a more complete and updated picture […]

Some good advice from Ira Glass for beginners

Some good advice from Ira Glass for beginners, I’d say in any field. “Nobody tells this to people who are beginners, I wish someone told me. All of us who do creative work, we get into it because we have good taste. But there is this gap. For the first couple years you make stuff, […]

Services are …

Below is a list of sentences that are excerpts from a manuscript. None of them are formal definitions per se, but you can see an opinion forming, that might be formalized as a new way of thinking, with the basic tenets being: services are products of a particular kind that materialize from performances and affordances, […]

The expanding universe of services 

The more specialized, layered, mobile, distributed, and connected society (individuals and organizations) becomes, and greater its opportunity costs, and income levels, the greater its dependence on services.  We need services not just for more kinds of goods we buy and sell, but also for the services. Then we have services that make possible services. And […]

Transparency and trust

There is another key factor, and that is the trust that’s implicit in the question “I know you can do this for me, but can you get it done?”. This is important because customers suffer the consequences of a job nearly done or poorly done. There are two aspects of trust. One is simply dependability, […]

Credit card transactions 

Credit card transactions convert the creditworthiness or income potential of a customer into cash available for making a purchase. Money is available at the point-of-sale in the exact amount needed for the purchase, and in the form of a payment authorization. Merchants are willing to pay a transaction fee not only to increase the probability […]