I’ve published a book. It is titled Thinking in Services: Encoding and Expressing Strategy through Design.

Why this book?

Services have always been ‘designed’. But their designs are more important than ever, given how much more we depend on them in our daily lives. This book reveals the surprising design of services – their internal structure or ’DNA’. Thus, deepening your understanding of what services really are, what they could be, and why they sometimes fail in unexpected ways. You will learn methods for describing the concept of a service with clarity and depth.

The book promotes a transdisciplinary view of services. For example, at the heart of the book is the 16x frame: a tool for developing and testing ideas and concepts for services, and for ‘reading and writing’ stories about services. 16x and its way of thinking in general, borrow from math, biology, and computer science, using Gestalt psychology to encode principles of systems thinking, design, engineering, economics, finance, and operations.

Above all the book is about making available a basic layer of knowledge that previously did not exist in the realms policy, strategy and design for services – a foundation upon which you and others may develop new skills and practices. Thinking in Services represents a counter culture that believes design is thoughtful, deliberate, and hard (non-trivial), and that taking time to solve problems includes avoiding creating new ones elsewhere.

The importance of deepening our understanding of services increases with new challenges and opportunities from the growing use of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things. Service industries are often the first ones to embrace technological advances, but also to deal with social impact and unintended consequences. Therefore, more than ever we need to understand what services are, what they can be, and why they fail sometimes. This book aims to fulfill that need.

Check your local or online booksellers and get your copy today. The first imprint is on a special paper.