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Timeframe, timeline, and tempo

A contract can be executed within minutes, or over days, months and years. It depends on the type of service and often on the level of commitment involved. Some service contracts are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, stretching over many years. Many contracts are customized, negotiated and specified between two or parties, as is […]

Four types of stakeholders in services

Every service has four types of stakeholders, whose interests define the outcomes and experiences, and give shape to the contract.It is these stakeholders you’re designing for. Payers and enterprises are entities that define the outcomes. Users and agents are personas that define the experiences. In general there can be 1…N entities and personas on each […]

O Service Why Art Thou?

Because people own things. Some things they own, some others they don’t. Some people own things other people won’t. Thus the economy of sharing, The melodramatic pairing, of Supply and demand. Their need to have and their need to be, Makes things have affinity and attraction, For things that bring action and traction, Performance in […]

Services are …

Below is a list of sentences that are excerpts from a manuscript. None of them are formal definitions per se, but you can see an opinion forming, that might be formalized as a new way of thinking, with the basic tenets being: services are products of a particular kind that materialize from performances and affordances, […]