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Empathizing with agents

Indeed, many services are poorly designed because, in their eagerness or anxiety to reduce costs, the service provider pushes some of that effort and pain to the customer and user who are often unaware of this shift in burden and are often unwilling or unprepared to take it on. That’s why many services require the […]

E for Experience

You cannot go very far in a discussion about services without talking about experience. What does experience really mean? Books have been written about how to navigate, dominate, and co-create in the experience economy? Where did this economy come from? Where is it going? How is it different from the services economy? Do people really […]


Outcomes are goods, experience is the packaging. Improving the quality of outcomes increases the benefits. Improving the quality of experiences reduces unnecessary costs. The design of a service should make it possible to deliver superior sets of outcomes and experiences at the lowest possible cost, so both customers and service providers are better off, without […]

Pleasure and pain

Pleasure is the ratio of facility or ease of use over the intolerance. The higher this ratio is the better. Impatience for error, delay and rework is an aspect of intolerance. Intolerance is based on promises and expectations from previous experiences. Higher intolerance requires making this easier. Pain is the ratio of the difficulty and […]

Two Sides of Experience

There is empathy between users and agents. Agents are willing to tolerate pain to facilitate things for users. Similarly, users are willing to tolerate pain to make things easier for agents, mostly by cooperating with them, knowing very well it is in their own interest. Agents expect users to be easy to work with or […]