Promises and Patterns: Strategic design for services

Learn how to encode and express strategy through the designs of services, by playing a series of games.

The learning is based on the four promises that define a service and the eight patterns that determine the underlying costs and risks, for customers and service providers. Two of the promises are from providers. The other two are what customers promise in return. Strategy is then about finding new and interesting combinations that maximize value for both sides. And, design is about implementing the strategy, in ways that reward cooperation, reduce conflict, and reject compromise. No negative externalities on societies and environments.

The first part of the training focuses on formulating strategy, with promises and patterns. You will first learn useful constructs, such as ing-thing, stereotyping, and windows of opportunity. The second part introduces you to strategic narratives – stories that articulate design. Based on the promises and patterns, they are 16 sentences long; every sentence a declarative statement, encoding and expressing strategy.

The course material includes the Thinking in Services book. Through this two-day training you will join a growing group of professionals taking the designing of services to a whole new level. The class size is limited to 16 persons, for discussions to go to a certain level of depth, and to leave enough room for curiosity and imagination.

Tickets are now on sale for San Francisco and Portland, including an early bird option.